Thursday, August 24, 2006


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In the five-plus months I’ve been systematically entering travel sweeps, I cannot think of a prize that rivals this one in scale: a safari in Kenya and a slot to run in the Safaricom Marathon. The marathon takes place in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy next June. A Kenyan, Paul Tergat, won the New York Marathon last year, as well as Olympic and other medals, so this is serious marathon territory.

I can’t tell from the OFFICIAL RULES if the winner is obligated to run the marathon. Here’s a clue: Adidas is a co-sponsor, along with National Geographic. So, it looks so. I almost didn’t enter for that very reason. Then I did a little math. The winner will be selected in November; that will leave eight months to train. I decided why not. I could always walk the lion’s share of the 26-plus miles. In this case, the lion’s share takes on literal meaning. Per the Lewa’s website: There are approximately 25 resident Lion on Lewa, and between 10-15 transient Lion that go between Lewa and the neighbouring ranches Borana and Il Ngwesi.

That sound’s like a respectable lion’s share.

Also from the Lewa website: The marathon is run on dirt roads, over two 21km loop for the half-marathon- through the Conservancy. Over time, the Safaricom Lewa marathon has gained reputation as one for being one of the ten toughest marathon events in the world. Run on a rough terrain and under harsh climatic conditions, it is an enticing experience which has continued to inspire distance runners and athletic fans alike. The grueling marathon is also unique in that it is run within a game reserve located at an average altitude of 5,500 feet above sea level.

Conclusion: Winning this one would be complicated.

To enter, click HERE.

The deadline is October 13.


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